Collaboration|Pink Finesses with The_real_chi

With the new year comes new collaborations, It’s always fun meeting new people who understand what you do and share their knowledge with you.

A Look!

Top: Organza (Thrifted from a local market)

Skirt: Pink Leather from @HarvellaStyles

Shoes: Pink sling back heels from @Tnldesigns

MakeUp: Self Done

Photography: A friend/blogger @Uchaychy

Location: The Blowfish Hotel Lagos, Nigeria


Not to make this post all about me i’ll be sharing a few steps on “How to plan a Blogger Collaboration” while I share my story.

Reach out

Today’s Collaboration is with Pageant Queen & Fashion Blogger “The_Real_Chi”. She reached out to me via DM on a collaboration when she gets in to Nigeria over the holidays last year (Christmas) which I was pretty excited about because she’s one of those bloggers I look up to especially with the “One tone” trend & her killer poses, Boyyy! does she know her angles! I learnt  a few myself on meeting her *wink wink Perks of collaborations.

Have a theme

I wasn’t sure this collaboration was going to fall through cause I was out of the city for the holidays & when I was back she might have been gone but eyyy she wasn’t and we scanned for a location in Lagos. After concluding on one, I asked her what outfit she’d have on she said Pink. I was going for ‘all white’ cause Pink & White is a match made in heaven.

Plan your outfit

It got down to planning my outfit, The All white was what I was going for but I had no shoe to complete the look so I opted for a pink leather skirt I got at the GTB Fashion weekend with my 10,000 voucher. Luckily for me I recently thrifted an organza top and it looked too cute on it and Bam! That was it for me.

Note: As much as I was happy to jump on the sheer trend I’m totally striking out Organza from my list. The Nigerian weather is too hot for it. I was literally sweating the most I’ve ever in my life.

Set a reminder & get a contact number

Well I did of course (in my head) cause i wasn’t going to forget this but I almost cancelled on our supposed shoot day due to some unforeseen circumstances but Thank God I was saved by Faith & Hope. Chi came through for me too (She’s the real MVP).

When planning the shoot day be sure to be real with yourselves where you can go, what you can do etc., We decided to use The Blowfish Hotel and knowing I wasn’t in any condition to buy drinks/food, told Chi this and she said “No Problem hun” Imagine if i went out of my way or outright said No because of this? So be sure to let the other party know just in case there’s a solution.

Execute the Plan

The day came and I was full on readyyyy! Got my makeup on (Yes I do my makeup myself now) requested my uber & headed out with my friend Uchaychy. One more thing I never fully wear what I want to shoot till I get there especially the heels. We had a certain time and what location we would meet up, I let Chi know when I was leaving my house & since she was coming from a closer location I let here know when it was okay for her to come through, Communication is key.

Slay Slay Slay!

Okay it’s Slay o’clock bring your A-Game to the table but also find a way to connect to each other makes the pictures look more real and organic. Chi did the most to make me laugh & make me look good in the shots cause well I have a very awkward smile mostly when i’m faking it (in other news I’m soo bad at faking a smile).

Not just come ready to slay but also connect, Chi took the first step and I was glad because she spilled some tea which I gladly sipped Lol, I shared mine too.

That was it Fashionistas, The process it took to create ‘The Pink Finesse”

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time



Did you enjoy this post? What do you love most about it ? Who would you love to see me collaborate with next ? Please let me know by leaving a comment below

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35 thoughts on “Collaboration|Pink Finesses with The_real_chi

  1. These are amazing tips and their coming right on time ,as I plan on starting out collaborations this year ,I’ll be sure to bookmark this…Thank you😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very right Sarah, Reaching out seems to be the problem but when you reach out be sure to have something to offer. Thank you for leaving a comment hun


  2. This is really pretty..I’m not really a fan of pink but I love how subtle it looks here.nice info and guide too nayonde.I hope to do a collaboration with u soon…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This year is my year of ‘collabo’, thank you for sharing few tips and oh! The outfit is so lovely! I really hope o meet you some day.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I like it that a theme was clearly chosen as it was in perfect sync with the location, i also like it that i was able to understand how you came up with the styling of the outfit. The white ‘organza’ definitely defined your outfit. Great color scheme & lovely write up!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. When I saw this picture on your IG I was like ahn ahn! Slayonce o! Always giving us. You’re right about organza, definitely NOT for this weather mbok. Btw, I love how you make you use of what you have and how you always stay true to yourself! I need to be reading your blog more often cos I’ve learnt some tips from some posts I’ve been on this morning. Hehehe keep it up hun!! xx
    It’s Munastiic

    Liked by 1 person

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