Bonsiour 🙂

Happy hump day, the weekend is almost here and I can’t wait to go shopping on Saturday and shoot day on Sunday. What would you be doing over the weekend?

Okay so to relief you of the midweek stress I will be starting a style series called #WEAREAFRICANS showcasing africanbrands who celebrate the african lifestyle. Starting off with Nigerian brand Olori (a subsidiary of TheKatieWangCompany).  For all non Nigerians/Nigerians who have no idea of the native language ‘Yoruba’, the term ‘Olori’ simply put means ‘Leader’ or ‘Queen’.

I got a few pieces from Thekatiewangcompany(@thekatiewangcompany), which i’d be unraveling each week, for this week I have styled the Olori spaghetti flay top x Royal blue mules(which I absolutely love)

Here’s how I styled mine:

The spaghetti strap flay top is a basic piece, it can be worn with anything from shorts, flay pants, jeans to maxi skirts or layered with a white shirt whatever your style is. I decided to use an elastic gold belt to cinch the top which gives it a peplum effect.


Top: Olori by @Thekatiewangcompany

Skirt: Got it a long time ago from a friend, Get similar Here

Shoes: The royalty mules  from @Thekatiewangcompany

Choker: MRP lagos(not an actual choker, I simply made an illusion of a choker for this shoot )

I was going for something simple and basic but yet elegant and stylish. I plan on styling it another way; layered up with white shirt and sneakers maybe? Guess you’ll have to stick around to find out :). Has you can see i’ve fallen for Olori, keep scrolling to find out why…

Top 3 reasons Why I love Olori :

  • They make use of African prints to create refreshing basic but yet classy styles, keyword ‘basic’ something every woman needs which is imporrtant
  • The name is a major win for me; it gives the brand a certain je ne sais quoi
  • Finishing touches are everything and Olori certainly has this, which makes me proud cause I love brands who pay attention to minor details.

Only a few people get to be the Olori while others are …..( I don’t need to say it, you know the rest Lol).

Like I always say add an element of You in whatever you wear, make it your style.

This post is more than just another style post, the title is more than pushing a brand, its about “YOU” being the Olori in whatever you do.



That’s all from me, be sure to check back next week same time! For more style posts coming your way #WEAREAFRICAN series

|Thanks for reading|

Till then, keep sitting pretty



Do you like how I styled the flay top and mules? What do you think of the new series #WEAREAFRICANS? Please let me know your views by leaving a comment below 🙂 ⇓

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