My Lagos Fashion Week Experience| LFDW2017

My Lagos Fashion Week Experience, LFDW2017, thisthingcalledfashionn

Hola Fashionistas,

My Lagos Fashion Week Experience, LFDW2017, thisthingcalledfashionn


October might be over, so is The Lagos Fashion & Design Week but I guess its never too late to share your experience. Here’s mine 🙂

Before I dive right into this you should know this quick facts:

-I have never been to any fashion week (Paris, London, New York, Milan etc.)

-This was my first time going for Lagos Fashion Week and I had a press pass

-I had no outfits planned ahead

With the hype of Fashion Week came a lot of pressure to look good and stand out tbh I started freaking out internally, you might be thinking Why?

Because I got frequent DM’s on instagram of people asking if i’d be coming, they couldn’t wait to see Me Slay. That’s the pressure not to disappoint

-I honestly had no outfits planned & the only Look I sorta planned din’t happen cause it wasn’t my size.

I stopped and said to myself Nonye why you fretting tho? I mean i’m not on top of “The Fashion food chain” in Nigeria its never that serious work with what you have and oh yes after not-stressing I casually captioned this “Have nothing to wear for Lagos Fashion Week” on instagram funny enough a few people reached out to me and it was clear to me that when you stop worrying and have faith in God things would always work out. I’m so grateful to everyone who reached out you made my slay possible/believable.

What I wore? Yesss plsss…. 

A lot of my fashionistas already know what I wore via instagram but here it is anyways

Day 1: Won’t say I fully attended Day 1, it was more of a stop by cause I had work around the corner snapchatting & instagramming at the Heineken Live your music Meet & Greet with Jidenna.

My Lagos Fashion Week Experience, LFDW2017, thisthingcalledfashionn

Mom Jeans: @vintagedenimm, Top: @miskayboutique, Vans: @styleonabudgetnaija


Day 2: Okay the idea for day 2 was to catch up on “Asiyami Gold’s” Masterclass but uber/taxify kept on acting up and yh we missed it (uchaychy & I). On a good note she was still there and the no crowd= easy access to networking with her but the un-socialising girl in me couldn’t. Trust Uchaychy to pull through on that one. She’s the real networker.

As much as i was looking forward to StyleTemple & Davido x OrangeCulture Nonye left before the runway shows began because I do not stay close by and it’s really not safe for me headed back home alone even if it’s in an uber.

My Lagos Fashion Week Experience, LFDW2017, thisthingcalledfashionn

Top: DIY inspired by Christian Dior, Skirt: @belangelique_store, Fishnet socks: @seduisantbynaomi,Vans: @styleonabudgetnaija

My Lagos Fashion Week Experience, LFDW2017, thisthingcalledfashionn
@vainblackboy x @thisthingcalledfashionn


Day 3: I planned to stay the whole Night cause it was My Last Day attending LFDW, it’s a Friday and I wasn’t headed back home and of course I came through in one of My favorite Nigerian Brands “ShopMaju” Thank you for dressing me up.

I took over @radianthealthmag Insta-story (I was so honored they reached out to me because they stand for African women + their instagram feeds give me major life) for this one covering all the african women paving the way in the fashion industry showcasing Day 3 which were; Andrea Iyamah, Lisa Folawiyo, Clan. Asides these women I feel in love with @re.lagos & @tokyojames. Tbh Day 3 had a lot of good shows and trust me to put on my shazam cause Nonye’s always looking for new music/soundtracks. The night ended with Mai Atafo’s glimpse of his bridal & of course he had this beauty & the beast presentation, Guess who was the beast?

My Lagos Fashion Week Experience, LFDW2017, thisthingcalledfashionn

Denim Top & Jeans: @ShopMaju,  Cap: Local store (@Localstreetstore), Transparent Bag: My makeup purse, Ear cuff: Sorry can’t remember (Had it for a long time)



What I Loved at LFDW 2017?

-The Location was a very good choice

-The runway stage was really nice loved it, Although wasn’t feeling it on friday cause they had people sitting in the middle on the runway stage

-The decor outside was lovely, aesthetically pleasing for pictures

-The food vendors i.e the foodie in me talking in this case typing

-The creators lounge by The asssembly x newton&david was Lit, easy access to snacks and relaxing + I made a new friend Cleo @Khleopatra_n

My Lagos Fashion Week Experience, LFDW2017, thisthingcalledfashionn




Tips on Tackling Fashion Week like a Pro as a Newbie 

-If you do not have a reserved Frow (Front-row) sit always go for a sit at the extreme end either left or right (I actually stumbled upon this very useful tip on Cassie Daves blog a day to fashion week)

-No snacks/food or drinks are free well except you get a VIP pass (I think they’d definitely be free snacks and drinks atleast). Come prepared to buy food

-Come early if you want to take good pictures and make most of the aesthetically pleasing background without being disturbed by the crowd

-Come with a friend. Oh darling you need a squad better still a friend, it’s easier getting all the pictures & coverage you need when you’re two. (I had a friend Uchaychyyy, you must know her by now)

Here’s what she looks like on her Day 2 Slay!

My Lagos Fashion Week Experience, LFDW2017, thisthingcalledfashionn

Statement Tee: @ShopMaju, Pants: @TNLDesigns White Sneakers: @Champion and Sunglasses: @olaidebabystore

-Bring a fully charged Power bank if you’ll be staying through the runway shows and you need to get all the juice.

-Get ready to network & fake a lot of smiles (Lmao i’m not so good at meeting people so this wasn’t what I did which isn’t good enough cause there are a lot of connections to be made it’s a 4 day event packed with different personalities don’t be like me)

-Don’t get lost in the crowd, that’s a major reason you need a friend cause it’s easy to stand looking all forms of confuse.

Up Next GTBFashion Weekend!

My Lagos Fashion Week Experience, LFDW2017, thisthingcalledfashionn



|Thanks for reading|


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Till next time keep sitting Pretty/Handsome





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16 thoughts on “My Lagos Fashion Week Experience| LFDW2017

  1. Shout out to all of you guys for keeping us updated on the event. Based on the footage I saw the creators lounge looked cool. I loved the location too and your Day 2 outfit was my favorite. I hope to possible see a tutorial on that top girl or better yet where did you get the straps, I’d love to get a belt like that.

    Princess Audu

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youu Princess, oh yes I plan on publishing the DIY. Got the strap from a friends house of cb dress it came with the package and I was like oh no don’t throw it away give me I’d use it for something and yhh it did come in handy. I’m looking for a belt like this too, a bit bigger and preferably yellow 😭


  2. It was my first time too going for any kind of fashion week and I loved it. Sadly didn’t have tickets for the after party as I’m a huge jidena fan. So you can imagine how upset I was. Love love love that skirt!! Plus you paired it with the most comfy pair of shoes ever!! Booyah!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I dint stay the last day cause I was already exhausted from going the other days. Oh yes would have been nice to party with Jidenna. That was the idea for me Comfort! Thank you dear for taking time out to read my blog and leave a comment you’re truly a gem


    1. “I’m such a babe” 🙆🏽 Mama I made it 💃🏽. I’m so glad you’re getting comfortable in your own skin it really makes me happy. Thank you so much Cookie you just made my week, Love Nayonde

      Liked by 1 person

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