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This is a review of the just concluded SlayFestival at Railway corporation, Yaba lagos held by SheLeadsAfrica on the 21st of January 2017.

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I’ll be sharing my view on the event, the stands I loved and People I met. Before I go on anyone of my readers attend this event? I’d love to know if you did and Here’s:

What I wore


Shirt Dress: Thrifted

Long Jacket: Also Thrifted

Red Cap: I really don’t remember( Probably took it from someone)

Moving forward, If you read my previous post (If not, Click here) You would know how hyped I was about this event I finally got to go with friends and I made a new friend ‘Oma’ Tall chocolate skinned bombshell Lol.

As hyped as I was I had not gotten my ticket till i got to the gate and it was all sold out (Yes all sold out! Bomer right?) and my friends had theirs. I had to chill for a while and thankfully a lovely white lady was able to let me get one, nahh it wasn’t free would have been bomb! if it was(because i love freebies, like who doesn’t?) Ticket was 5k a Pop for Motherland Mogul and 10k for the …..

Finally I could go in, got in during the Trace naija music game show which was a cool idea by the way. Took a walk round and since there wasn’t so much to do we had to make the most of the event and take selfies. It was pretty hot and the sand at the stand side wasn’t helping matters making everyone’s feet dirty and shii so we decided to sit and listen to the talk show coming up. TBH sitting made me feel like I was missing out on something so I decided to take a walk and meet people I always come across on social media & lust after their feeds. I met up with a few of them Fashionbydaisy (Maryam), ValerieEgbuniwe, StyleConnaisseur (Angel) and the lovely MimiOnalaja (Whose style keeps everyone wanting more). Was lovely meeting them all though I actually couldn’t have a proper conversation. But I’d def meet up with each one of them next time.

Nayonde x Fashionbydaisy
Nayonde x ValerieEgbuniwe
Styleconnaisseur x Nayonde
Nayonde x Mimionalaja

There were other pretty confident women out there like InidimaOkojie, Idia Aisien, FablanebyDerin, Arese Ugwu, Toke Makinwa, Zainab Balogun and My Gorgy gorg Bolinto (who I missed out on meeting personally, was in her masterclass tho)

A lot more happened but I don’t want to bore you with ALL the  details so I’d just go straight to rating and things I loved & I liked not so much

On a scale of 1-10 I would rate the SlayFestival  a 6. The talkshows attribute to 70% of the score. The other 30% goes to stands and the opportunity to network with beautiful and confident Nigerian Women.

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Zainab Balogun & co
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
MI x Debola Lagos

Things I loved

  • The talk shows were quite enlightening though I wasn’t able to catch up with the morning sessions.
  • The ability to network and meet up with social influencers and public figures
  • The NESCAFE stand- The Nescafe lady in the Red Dress. That cold coffee was all I needed for the hot afternoon I literally had 3 cups and still wanted more (don’t judge me) If you missed this guys it was all you needed to add a little more quintessential to your day.
  • The Photo Booth
  • I loved the payment system the SheLeadsAfrica Team put together. Resolved the issue of stolen cash or any confusion of payment.
  • I love they had a lot of volunteers.
  • Below are pictures of a few stands I loved, I did not get to buy anything tho I wasn’t prepared:

Things I liked not so much

  • My number 1 is the venue, the sand on the floor wasn’t cool at all
  • The maggi free food was just an excuse not to actually give proper free food thankfully I wasn’t my usual hungry self Lol and the Nescafe stand made me happy.
  • The masterclass was too small, most people had to stand
  • Wasn’t as organised most people did not know when ‘what was happening’ asides the talk show which was loud enough for anyone anywhere around to actually hear. like the masterclass.
  • After getting a ticket for 5k I actually did not see any value for it I hope i’m not alone on this one. Okay so water was free, talk show was for everyone, nescafe and what else? Please let me know if I missed out on something.


Host of NdaniTv wearing Ejiro Mastafari


Asides from these It was a lovely event and I am definitely looking forward to SlayFestival 2.0 next year. Thank you SheLeadsAfrica for this empowering event muaaahh.

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time



I’d Love to hear your thoughts on my review and if you have more to add or anything I missed out. Feel free to leave a comment below ⇓

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