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How to be a badass, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Hello Fashionistas,

This is My first Blog Post this month and I am so happy to kick start it with this topic “How to be a Bad ass”. You might be thinking this has nothing to do with fashion hmm think again, to be honest (tbh) I deviate every once in a while to write up a fun post the first was in May when I squeezed major juice on “How to be an Instagram Baddie” I can tell you that post got so much love and comments +it was such an exciting post to write up. Then this comes to me a few days back and I asked “uchaychy do you think anyone would want to read up on how to be a bad ass? Let’s just say me writing this now means you should keep scrolling for the main squeeze 😉

How to be a badass, Thisthingcalledfashionn

First of all, what would you define the term ‘Bad Ass’ or would you call a “Bad Ass”?

The Urban Dictionary defines a badass as someone who “does what she wants, when she wants, where she wants She feels no obligation whatsoever to justify her beliefs, values, convictions, morals, etc., with anyone. Alternatively, a badass is the complete opposite of a douche-bag. She radiates confidence in everything she does, whether it’s ordering a drink, buying a set of wheels, or dealing with men. she’s slow to anger, brutally efficient when fighting back.

Basically doing exceedingly well in whatever it is you decide to do i.e. your overall potential for awesomeness that’s what being badass is all about.

How to be a badass, Thisthingcalledfashionn


How to be a badass? Yes Please…

Being a Badass might not be all about looking tough, wearing leather jacket, all black or a ripped jeans cause I assume a lot of people have this idea you have to look like a sorta Tomb Raider or maybe wesley snipes in blade or will smith in Men in Black (I’m guilty of this too Lol) but don’t get me wrong Your Look still plays a major role in being a BadAss, the ultimate goal is knowing your style, sticking to it and walking with confidence. So fashionista if you love a pencil dress, leather jacket, maxi dress, sets “WEAR IT WITH CONFIDENCE”

Be Confident & Be YOU

This sets the pace for all other tips. Confidence in everything you do, whether it’s ordering a drink, the way you walk, the way you talk, how you dress, in an office presentation or dealing with men Be Confident! and the only way you can truly be confident is by understanding your element.

Note: There’s a thin line between confidence and being full of yourself

Take a Risk

No not a dumb ass risk but a calculated risk. A calculated risk might be investing your savings into a business plan you’ve had for years, presenting your ideas to your stuck up boss, and be willing to get shut down, not downing a bunch of vodka and driving your dad’s car. That’s the difference between being badass and being stupid.

Besides, You never know what you’re capable of until you put yourself out there.


Stop Saying “I can’t”, or “I’m Not Ready”

We all have fallen into this a few times but make sure you snap out of it cause these simple statements lead to excuses. You are a SMART & BEAUTIFUL young woman. Start acting like it. Accept a challenge, even if you do not know how to go about it You’ll get around it :), Never wait for a perfect time or situation cause there’s no such thing.

How to be a badass, Thisthingcalledfashionn


Keep It Classy: Whatever you do keep it classy this is one major life rule I live by. For example talk with class, dress with class, win a case with class, win a competition with class. Remember, It’s about presence So bring it and let it be felt.


Speak Your Mind

Do not be afraid to say NO when you need to. Do not be afraid to voice out your thoughts. You’re not only holding yourself back, but you’re potentially limiting your chances cause you never know what ideas you’re spilling might become great. Stop worrying about what people think of you.


Stay Learning

Keep your mind sharp and updated, Learn to read books, listen to audiobooks(works better for me since i’m not an actual fan of reading books), take online/offline courses, read blogs, work with coaches and mentors, and have a/few role models who are doing things you want to do and know how to do. The honest truth is Information is free if you search right. Learning & teaching others helps to improve yourself, constantly strive to improve yourself.

Keep Coming back for more: Yes darling, keep coming back to my blog for more juicy style & fun tips. Be a Total Badass when it comes to your Looks 😉

How to be a badass, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Extra Tip

Saw this last point while doing my research thought I add it cause I believe we all should indulge in this

Help make the world a better place

Do strategic as well as randomly awesome shit that makes the world a better place for all of us, and do it as often as you can.

  1. Go through life looking for ways to make this planet and your community more awesome for everyone in it now, and for generations to come.

Leave a legacy you’ll be proud of!


A Badass does not; 

-seek attention. Attention is basic and he/she could care less about,  funny thing is they get the most of it without asking anyways Lol.

-prey on the weak, and shows kindness in return to those who are kind.

-do side chic; they know they deserve better

-bring other women down; A badass woman uplifts others

-go way above her budget trying to impress others

-try to fit in; no matter how hard they try they couldn’t even

-kiss arse *ass

-care more about instagram likes than actually having fun in reality

-act fake i.e. two faced people don’t make the cut

-let other people treat them with disrespect

-need a sugar daddy/sponsor whichever they call it these days; they get ish done themselves

-go above her limits; Don’t be stupid, you’re not Superman, you’ll die if you jump off a building.

How to be a badass, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Outfit- Thrifted from head to toe  Bag: @ailyofficial


Major Badass Women out there?

how to be a badass, Rihanna, thisthingcalledfashionn

Rihanna Why?


-She wears what she wants regardless of how ugly or off it looks on the runway because whenever its on her it’s an instant cool outfit (Eyy if its not what you want to wear & you’re doing it all cause badgalriri did it? girl you might drown in that outfit)

-She went on to start her makeup line despite the fact that she had a lot of competition she knew what she wanted and went for it harrddd.

There are bad ass women/men around you do well to notice and appreciate them but first ask yourself “Are you Bad Ass”?

how to be a badass, Rihanna, thisthingcalledfashionn

Fashion wise she is Badass to me, Whose that Badass Female you love? Do let me know in the comment section below


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|That’s all from me this week|

|Thanks for reading|

Till next time, Be You!






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33 thoughts on “How to be a Badass |Tips

  1. Absolutely love this post! It’s true, staying true and honest to yourself while still uplifting other women! And Rih is the ULTIMATE badass!


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  2. Great post hun! I enjoyed reading it and you definitely inspire me. Rih rih all the way…Kill us with all the baddie poses o btw i’m coming for that blazer

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  3. awwwn really nice. when i saw this on IG, I thought i was gonna come here and see things like “you have to wear this or that to look like a badasss, if not forget it” wow you did justice to this post i must say, very encompassing post.

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    1. Thank you girl, lol I can’t explain it either she’s just cool or maybe she’s the Illuminati like they say 😂😂😭 so the world loves her. I appreciate you for taking time out to read 💛

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    1. Yaaaaay 💃🏽 makes me happy whenever I see comments like this! I’m glad you feel blessed. There’s another post coming up tonight or maybe Friday morning but it’s going to be a fun one 😊


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