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Welcome to my blog; It’s another Monday in Lagos city, Nigeria which usually means a New Blog Post

Today’s post is centered around the “Polka Dot” trend. Earlier this year I spotted the polka dot as an incoming trend and I vividly remember a friend asking me “Oh! Nonye Polka dot is a thing now?” and I replied “Yes, it would be a bit viral soon enough” ever since then you literally can’t go through any major fashion blog sites or Instagram without spotting this trend.

The funny thing is if anyone asked me a year ago if I’d ever wear an outfit made out of a Polka dot fabric I most definitely would have said “Hell NO” but guess our tastes mature or maybe it became more attractive, whatever the case maybe I am sharing a few reasons why everyone should jump on this trend:


This video doesn’t exist

Outfit: Style inspired by PINTEREST, sewn by My Tailor

Mules: Friends Closet (Shop similar from @Styleonabudgetnaija)

Sunglasses: Online Store ( @olaidebabystores )

Faux Flower: A local flower shop in Lekki Phase 1 on Adebayo Doherty street

Photography: @callmekoldre

(Added a few edits on the pictures)


Stylish & Trendy

I find polka dots stylish regardless of what style is sewn with it, simple or complicated it never looks boring but it can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize. I love a cute dress or co-ord set, what’s yours ?

Eye Catching

The well rounded dots makes it hard to miss, you can spot anyone wearing this print from a distance well except you’re in a crowd filled with dots then I really can’t help you with that. Lol!


If you decide to go for the popular “black & white” or “white & black” polka dots? it can literally be paired with any color of shoes and that’s one thing I love about it. My fave color to pair it with is Red.



Elora Collection: www.eloracollection.com

BelAngelique: www.belangelique.com

TheTopStyleFashion: Retail Online Store

INKHA: Shop Here

Non-Nigerian Store:

SHEIN: www.Shein.com

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Did you enjoy this post? Would you love to see more style posts like this ? Do you own any pair of polka dot outfit? Do let me know by leaving a comment below 👇🏽

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26 thoughts on “3 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD JUMP ON THE “Polka Dot” TREND

  1. Finally I can load your site on my laptop, binge-commenting every post!! Totally love this pola-dot thingy and I had one made into a skirt, you are so right about its ease of pairing with any colour.

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