3 Reasons why you should take a Social Media Break

3 Reasons why you should take a Social Media Break, ThisthingcalledFashion

I took a social media hiatus and it was worth it. Starting out the new year with no serious mental health issues or physical problems I decided to take a one week break off social media and I’ll be sharing reasons why you should too.

3 Reasons why you should take a Social Media Break, ThisthingcalledFashion


Reclaim your time 

You would be surprise how much time you have to yourself when your minds off social media, who’s doing what, what you’re not doing right etc. I had my morning all to myself no waking up and picking my phone first to check what was happening in a made up world. What if I told you the time you spend on social media is likely the same as researching that topic or taking that online class you keep pushing, basically ways to better your mind & grow.

Keep your eye on the Prize

Short & simple “Less wasted time scrolling endlessly, More attention on your to-do list” with the constant addiction to keep scrolling and tapping on Instagram you free up your mind & time. During my break I was able to cross more things off my to-do list than ever. It kept me focused with my eye on the prize or in this case off-the prize (kept my eyes off that Gucci bag I see them wearing and lusting over)

3 Reasons why you should take a Social Media Break, ThisthingcalledFashion
Photography: @Dejive

Helps you Create Boundaries

With time you find less need to share everything or at least irrelevant stories that you think matter or giving your unsolicited comments & hate. You create a boundary between your online life and what’s going on in reality. I honestly have never been one to put my whole life out there but I remember my addictive twitter days, I’d usually share my feelings on my TL than actually confront them in reality. I am too grateful those days are behind me.


I honestly would not tell anyone to stay off social media because I make a pretty decent amount monthly working off it but there are a few ways to help moderate my need for it,

Sleep On Airplane Mode: I plan on making this a constant in my life, If this is a possibility for you I advice you do it too, turn on airplane mode before you go to bed, it would help avoid seeing notifications first thing in the morning.

Curb The Urge (IMPORTANT): How I never thought this was an option is funny, thanks to Uchechi for highlighting this, its honestly the easiest way to curb the urge remove your notification alerts and group your social media apps into folders to make them more difficult to access.

3 Reasons why you should take a Social Media Break, ThisthingcalledFashion


Personally, I don’t feel you only need to take a break when things get bad or you start feeling a certain way. Honestly, Social Media Breaks will become a healthy ritual for me. However, here are a few instances that tell you “hunnay, you gotta go”

  • Do you constantly feel the urge to be on social media? when you’re out with friends or family or even driving?
  • Do you have negative thoughts about how unworthy and wish for someone else’s life?
  • Do you feel low, out of ideas and stuck in the same place like you’re in a rot?
  • You have more online connections than physical ones?

I hope this helps someone out there ❤

3 Reasons why you should take a Social Media Break, ThisthingcalledFashion
I may have recorded “a rap album” with all the time I had off social media

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Did you learn anything from this post? Have you ever gone on a social media break? what are your thoughts? Please share by leaving a comment below

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24 thoughts on “3 Reasons why you should take a Social Media Break

  1. Reblogged this on Notaflowergirl and commented:
    I totally agree, every now and again I do this. Because i realized that wishful thinking and admiring other people’s lives will never make my dreams come through.
    This post put a smile on my face because I try to let some of my friends know that they need a break every now and then. This makes me look “old-school”.
    Twitter is my favorite social media of all and I still find myself sharing and oversharing now and again when I wander. But I am happy to say that gaining control of my social media urge makes me feel extra disciplined and less pressured.
    I went offline for 9months at a time in 2017 and those were peaceful days in which I stayed accomplishing things I may have considered minor goals at the time. I would conclude this repost by saying that less social media means MORE awareness of ones environment an the things going on around you in reality. Make a conscious effort to be in control and see the results.

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  2. Yes I’ve taken a 8 months social media break. It was amazing. It requires serious discipline but there’s nothing one cannot do when they put their minds to it. Back in November, I started a challenge called Time With God Challenge which was for a month. That time meant no YouTube, No IROKOtv, and any social media handle. Time to focus on God and set time to accomplish your goals. Social media has its pros and cons but it honestly boils down to the individual and how they are utilizing the platform. Thank you for sharing this post 🤗

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  3. My social media ‘breaks’ have never been intentional – it could just be that I didn’t have internet access or something. I am heavily dependent on social media and the internet and it’s crazy. It’s been like that since I was about 11.. but maybe I can try taking one of such breaks this year. After all, personal development ought to be a priority. Welcome back, and here’s to more blog content for 2019!


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