TIPS| Perfect Spots for Blog Pictures

Perfect spots for blog pictures, NOk by alara

Bonjour, its the end of April. Cheers to all the debit and credit alerts going in and out right now 🙂

Perfect spots for blog pictures, NOk by alara

Finally this is up, talking all things Location. Best spots to take the nicest blog pictures. Decided to share a few of the spots I know. Gave a general perspective but examples specific to Lagos, Nigeria.

First thing you have to know “Your location is dependent on your theme” I love to believe that every blogger has her own niche and a theme to go with this i.e how you want people to recognize you on social media, your theme could be colorful, black&white, crisp white cuts, minimalistic, whichever it is there’s a location for you.

I’m just rounding up a few places I know and come across physically, via other bloggers or I’ve been inspired by daily finds.

Colored walls

Here’s to all my color scheming sisters or you feel like adding a pop of color to your blog every once in a while. Take a tour around your area and find some color blocking walls or one color wall, but here are a few I’ve found myself.

The Blowfish Hotel: Known for its alluring pink outdoor vibes, im totally in love and i’d be heading there soon with a photographer.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Photo credit:

 Nok by Alara: It is quiet popular right now in Lagos. All forms of class y’know. It serves as a perfect sit out and the interiors are lit as well (better for bloggers going for a darker theme tho). But they have this wall outside, it pops red not bright red tho okay I’ll just shut it now and put a picture below.

Ps: If you plan on eating here, it’s quite pricey so do come prepared.


Photo: @Ladiolasewere

Lekki Leisure Lake: This is actually new new, I went there recently and viola! Toilets and stands of popping color, I must confess I love it

Lekki leisure lake, colored walls, thisthingcalledfashionn

Sit outs

There are actually lots of examples on the island but I’ll just give two I recently came across and one I really love.

Hard rock café: The new cabana area is soooo pretty and romantic, depending on what post you are trying to create this might work for you.

Ps: You should probably go during the day when no reservations are made, ask for permission or maybe not, take a few shots and head out.

Meat Up: I’m yet to truly uncover this place but I’ve come across it a couple of times. Guess I fell in love with the crisp white sit outs. Hopefully I’d take a few shots and share on here of course. It’s in Lekki phase 1. Sadly have no pictures now but i’d definitely update this.

BLD by Play: For some reason every part of this building is a hit back to  back, whenever I take or see pictures people take here it never feels like Nigeria, it has a really lovely vibe to it. Great for indoors and outside works well.  I’m sure most people know this location now but still I love it.

Photo: Angel Obasi @Styleconnaisseur


Photo: By me


HSE Gourmet Cafe: Beautiful both inside and out. For lovers of white background (like me), inside works perfectly for you. For a more ‘OOTD’ kinda posts, outside works.

hse gourmet from bellanaija
Phot credit: Bellanaija

Ps: I loved my sandwich, you should something out if you decide to stop by. Price is moderate

Café Neo: There’s something about Neo I love so much, I’m low key one of their number one fans so imagine my excitement when I saw them on African voices ( I think, can’t really remember what particular show) on CNN. Their sit ins are usually warm, relaxing and refreshing and a good spot for pictures. They have various locations in Lagos so you could discover the one closest to you


Ps: Their Frappacino is the way to my heart + I lovee their chicken sandwich.

Cafe neo paloos, thisthingcalledfashionn

Cafe Neo at Paloos, 19b Adeyemi Lawson Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Cafe neo yaba, thisthingcalledfashionn

Cafe Neo at Yaba, E-centre

On the move:

Most people love these kinda shots; they flatter the look more especially when the wind blows in the right direction. It just gives this bad ass shots I’m sure we all want to have. I believe these kinda shots are called street style? Places to use? Basic streets with a nice background, be sure to blur the background gives the outfit more focus.

Photo credit: @thefashionengineer


Every city has its landmark, so find it, uncover and start shooting. On the island you have the Ikoyi link bridge, Marina clock tower in Lagos Island etc.

Ps: You should try an angle from down, adds more spotlight.

styleengineer shots.jpg2

styleengineer shots
Photo credit: @thefashionengineer

Traffic light: This was one of the inspirations from my daily finds. I think traffic lights would make a good back drop. I’d love to try this out. So much cooler if I’m shooting and the light changes and I’m running off the road before the ever angry Lagos drivers hit me LOL (oh well, my thoughts!). Picture below isn’t Nigeria but its the closest i got to what I have in my head.

traffic light
Photo: Pinterest

One more thing you might not necessarily have to go far to take stunning pictures, your house might be a perfet fit, more specific the door might be lit for pictures. I’d leave a few shots below

Miss vimbai, thisthingcalledfashionn
Photo: @miss_vimbai
Cecenetwork, thisthingcalledfashionn
Photo: @cecenetwork

PS: Take a walk or drive around your area/work place, you might just find the perfect spot 😉

Tkay Maidiza from asos, thisthingcalledfashionn

I love this shot of Tkay Maidiza from asos

Note: This post might be a little bit biased, The examples focus mainly on the Island, which is where I stay and I am still uncovering. If you know spots on the mainland please share in the comment section below.


|Thnaks for reading|

Till next time




Did you enjoy this post? would you love me to uncover more spots in Lagos, Nigeria? Please do let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂

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9 thoughts on “TIPS| Perfect Spots for Blog Pictures

  1. Enjoyed reading dis, i didn’t even know backgrounds matter until recently when i started noticing backgrounds actually give a good look to d overall picture, i just snap wherever but nao I’d put backgrounds in mind nao. Colour popping z lit ✌

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  2. This is a lovely write up. I’m so in love with the pink walls. I’ve taken note of a few places I’m definitely going to visit.

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    1. Thank you Fabian, I’d be visiting a few of those places myself to take candid shots. Be sure to share this post with friends 🙂

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